Wednesday, December 28, 2011

27 For 2011 - part 1

We don't only play old vinyl on Randophonic.  Here's part one of our list of the twenty-seven "new" records that seemed to matter most in 2011 (as per the enigmatic directives of the Randophonic Jukebox).  Is it in some kind of order?  Sort of.  Are these nine selections the best of the best then?  Right now maybe.  But that'll probably change before the week's out.

PlanningToRock – I'm your man
Note that Janine Rostron is a woman who pretty much does it all fusing "... all talents in a dazzling audiovisual presentation that borrows from classical music, glam rock Spacey pictures and hip-hop."

Selene – You Are Here
They do still call it hip-hop.  Guess it must be here to stay.  From a collection of songs completely concerned with the movie MOON.

Alexander – Truth
Was this a huge hit out in the world?  Should we at Randophonic even care about such stuff?  The greater tragedy would be if a man (or woman) lived through these times without ever hearing Truth.  The same goes for every record on this list. 

Royksopp – Shores of Easy
Straight outa Norway.  Space is still the place.

Battles – ice cream
Manages to be groovy and fresh and kind of insane.  AMAZING live apparently.

Young Galaxy – peripheral visionaries
Vancouver's own (by way of Montreal).  The video's great, too.

Midlake – the courage of others
Technically a 2010 song but we didn't notice it at the time.  From one of those albums where the songs all kind of sound the same, which would be a problem if it wasn't such a damned great SAME. 

My Morning Jacket – circuital
Originally conceived as a Muppets song for Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem, the song was to be performed by My Morning Jacket live with the Muppets on stage with the band behind a curtain, playing live.

Black Mountain – let spirits ride
"the rudimentary force of life is shining in your eyes awaiting call".  Nuf said.


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