Thursday, December 29, 2011

27 for 2011 - part 3

This is part three of our list of the twenty-seven "new" records that seemed to matter most in 2011, which would make these the worst nine best songs of that year that just ended the other day.  The All Vinyl Countdown + Apocalypse begins again this coming Saturday.

Sufjan Stevens – Too Much
Like the artist behind it, this piece never quite goes where you expect it, which is almost always a good thing.

Sparkadia – Mary
Mary really messed this guy up.   

Paranthetical Girls – Evelyn McHale
They called her the most beautiful suicide.  Evelyn McHale leapt to her death from the Empire State Building and landed on the roof of a car, unblemished.  The song's got that tragic beauty, too.

St Just Vigilantes – Swans Evangelist
There's a much longer version of this psyche-folk gem out there which is well worth tracking down.

Goose – can't stop me now (Bloody Beatroots remix)
A remix that more or less reinvents the original.  It's pure, epic dance floor now.

War on Drugs – arms like boulders
A band almost as good as its name.

Mother Mother – born in a flash
Pop, powerful, even kind of epic.

Bullion – time for us all to love
Those Beach Boy harmonies will never die.

Josh Millard – halle hula
Someone had to take the piss out of Hallelujah.  What's cool here is it actually works as a hula.  No Youtube yet.  Found at Metafilter.

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